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dump United States and instead align with China

 Gilani asks Karzai to dump US and ally with China: WSJ 
PTI | 01:04 PM,Apr 27,2011
Lalit K Jha Washington, Apr 27 (PTI) Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has asked Afghan President Hamid Karzai to dump United States and instead align with China for help in striking a peace deal with Taliban and rebuilding the economy, a media report has claimed."The pitch was made at an April 16 meeting in Kabul by Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, who bluntly told Afghan President Hamid Karzai that the Americans had failed them both," the Wall Street Journal reported quoting senior Afghan officials familiar with the meeting."Karzai should forget about allowing a long-term US military presence in his country," Gilani said, according to the Afghan officials.

The Journal reported that Pakistan's bid to cut the US out of Afghanistan's future is the clearest sign to date that, as the nearly 10-year war's endgame begins, tensions between Washington and Islamabad threaten to scuttle America's prospects of ending the conflict on its own terms.The report was immediately denied by Pakistani Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani."Reports claiming Gilani-Karzai discussion about Pakistan advising alignment away from US are inaccurate," Haqqani said in his tweet message.

The news report comes within days of publication of secret US cable, released by WikiLeaks, in which top US officials have been quoted as saying that Pakistan's spy agency ISI is a terrorist organization."Afghans in the pro-US camp who shared details of the meeting with The Wall Street Journal said they did so to prompt the US to move faster toward securing the strategic partnership agreement, which is intended to spell out the relationship between the two countries after 2014," the daily said."The longer they wait the more time Pakistan has to secure its interests," one of the Afghan officials was quoted as saying."Pakistan would not make such demands.

But even if they did, the Afghan government would never accept it," Karzai's spokesman Waheed Omar told WSJ.However, US officials are not taking such development very seriously, the daily reported."The US officials sought to play down the significance of the Pakistani proposal. Such overtures were to be expected at the start of any negotiations, they said; the idea of China taking a leading role in Afghanistan was fanciful at best, they noted," it said."Yet in a reflection of US concerns about Pakistan's overtures, Commander of the US-led coalition Gen. David Petraeus has met Karzai three times since April 16, in part to reassure the Afghan leader that he has America's support, and to nudge forward progress on the partnership deal," the Journal quoted Afghan and US officials as saying.Gilani led a delegation of Generals and intelligence chief to Kabul in mid April.


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Signs of the Last Day

There are misguided and evil people in this strange modern world who continuously attack and seek to demolish the spiritual heart of the religious way of life. They have already demolished the spiritual heart of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism and are now targeting Islam. They villify authentic Sufi scholars of Islam such as my learned teacher Maulana Dr. Muhammad Fadlur Rahman Ansari, and his illustrious teacher, Maulana ‘Abdul ‘Aleem Siddiqui (may Allah Most High have mercy on them both), and falsely accuse them of being profoundly misguided to the extent of engaging in acts of Shirk.
They are a people who have effectively joined the ranks of those enemies of Islam who are today waging war on Islam and Muslims around the world. They are themselves unaware that they have become instruments in the hands of a master-mind whose messianic objective is to obstruct Muslims from realizing the reality of the world today. That master-mind is Dajjal the false Messiah or Anti-Christ, who is himself one-eyed, and hence spiritually blind, and who knows that the spiritually blind cannot recognize the Signs of the Last Day.
Many of the prophecies of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him) concerning ‘Signs of the Last Day’ have been conveyed to us in symbolic language that must be interpreted in order to be properly understood. That process of interpretation in turn requires the use of the Sufi epistemology of seeing with the internal eye (i.e., internal intuitive spiritual insight). It also requires a keen observation of events as they unfold in the historical process.
It was the good fortune of this writer to have been the student of an authentic Sufi Shaikh. The essays in this book are the fruit of a very humble attempt at interpretation of the historical process, and of events now ominously unfolding in the world, in the context of Signs of the Last Day. Perhaps these essays might assist others, more gifted than this writer, to understand and interpret the ‘Signs of the Last Day’ in a manner that would more conclusively demonstrate ‘Truth’ in Islam.
The Ahadith (i.e., words of Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him) quoted below are but a few of the large body of Ahadith on the subject of ‘Signs of the Last Day’. The reader must exercise constant vigilance when studying Ahadith on this subject since they must have certainly been the prime target of those whose evil mission it was to so fabricate Ahadith as to mislead Muslims and corrupt their understanding of this vitally important subject.
Part of the methodology through which we can identify Ahadith of doubtful integrity is by first locating a consistent system of meaning which would explain a subject as a whole as derived from both the Qur’an and Ahadith. We can then suspend judgment in respect of such Ahadith as are not in harmony with that system of meaning. Nowhere is there greater need for such a methodology than in the study of ‘Signs of the Last Day’.
The text of the English translation of the following Ahadith is sometimes punctuated with our brief comments enclosed in brackets.
In addition, we have sometimes offered a brief commentary of a Hadith:
Abu Hurairah narrated that Allah’s Apostle said: “The Last Hour would not come unless (and until) the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims kill them (i.e. so defeat them that) the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the Gharqad tree would not say that, for it is the tree of the Jews.”
(Sahih Muslim)
This prophecy of the Last Day very clearly rules out the possibility of any peaceful resolution of the conflict between Jews and Muslims over Jewish oppression in the Holy Land and elsewhere in the world.
Anas ibn Malik narrated that Allah’s Apostle said: “Dajjal would be followed by seventy thousand Jews of Isfahan wearing Persian shawls.” (Sahih Muslim)
This indicates that the European Jews and the Euro-Zionist Movement who created the State of Israel, would eventually relinquish power and control over Israel and seduce the real Jews, i.e., the oriental Jews, to replace them. It is significant that an Iranian Jew is now President of Israel.
Jabir ibn Samurah narrated: I heard Allah’s Apostle say: “Before the Last Hour there would be many (great) liars.” There is an addition in the Hadith transmitted on the authority of Abul Ahwas of these words: “I said to him: Did you hear it from Allah’s Apostle? He said: Yes.”
(Sahih Muslim)
Those great lies are already coming out of the Washington, London and Tel Aviv/Jerusalem. In addition, the world is subjected to a constant barrage of lies and misinformation that permeates the western-dominated international news media.
Hudhayfah ibn Usayd Ghifari narrated: “Allah’s Apostle came to us all of a sudden as we were engaged (in a discussion). He asked: What are you discussing? (The Companions) said: We are discussing about the Last Hour. Thereupon he said: It would not come until you see ten signs and (in this connection) he made a mention of the ‘smoke’, ‘Dajjal’, the ‘beast’, the ‘rising of the sun from the west’, the ‘descent of Jesus son of Mary’, ‘Gog and Magog’, and ‘landslides in three places, one in the east, one in the west and one in Arabia’ at the end of which ‘fire would burn forth from the Yemen and would drive people to the place of their assembly’.
(Sahih Muslim)
See essay in this book entitled “Ten Major Signs of the Last Day— Has One Just Occurred?”
Umar ibn al-Khattab narrated: “One day we were sitting in the company of Allah’s Prophet when there appeared before us a man dressed in pure white clothes, his hair extraordinarily black. There were no signs of travel on him. None amongst us recognized him. At last he sat with the Prophet. He knelt before him placed his palms on his thighs and asked: Muhammad, inform me about al-Islam. The Messenger of Allah said: Al-Islam implies that you testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and you establish prayer, pay Zakat, observe the fast of Ramadan, and perform pilgrimage to the House (i.e., the Ka’aba in Makkah built by Abraham) if you are solvent enough (to bear the expense of) the journey. He (the inquirer) said: You have told the truth. He (Umar ibn al-Khattab) said: It amazed us that he would put the question and then he would himself verify the truth. He (the inquirer) asked: Inform me about Iman (faith). He (the Holy Prophet) replied: That you affirm your faith in Allah, in His angels, in His Books, in His Apostles, in the Day of Judgment, and you affirm your faith in the Divine Decree about good and evil. He (the inquirer) said: You have told the truth. He (the inquirer) again asked: Inform me about al-Ihsan (spiritual insight). He (the Holy Prophet) said: That you worship Allah as if you are seeing Him, for though you do not see Him, He, verily, sees you. He (the enquirer) again said: Inform me about the hour (the Last Day). He (the Holy Prophet) remarked: the one who is asked knows no more than the one who is inquiring (about it). He (the inquirer) said: Inform me of some of the signs (of the Last Day). He (the Holy Prophet) said: That the slave-girl would give birth to her mistress and master, and that you would find barefooted, destitute shepherds vying with one another in the construction of magnificent buildings. He (the narrator, Umar ibn al-Khattab) said: Then he (the inquirer) went on his way but I stayed with him (the Holy Prophet) for a long while. He then said to me: Umar, do you know who this inquirer was? I replied: Allah and His Apostle know best. He (the Holy Prophet) remarked: He was Gabriel (the angel). He came to you in order to instruct you in matters of religion.”
(Sahih Muslim)
Here is a prophecy that is very clearly presented in symbolic language that must be interpreted. But the Hadith also directs our attention to al-Ihsan, or the spiritual quest, as part of the prerequisites required for responding to the ‘Signs of the Last Day’. “The slave-girl giving birth to her mistress” is a startling prophecy that can be interpreted only when one understands and penetrates the prophecies concerning Dajjal and Riba on the one hand, and Dajjal and the feminist revolution on the other.
Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet said: “The Last Hour (i.e., the Last Day) would not come before (religious) knowledge is taken away, earthquakes would be very frequent, time would pass quickly, afflictions would appear, murders would increase and money would overflow amongst you.”
(Sahih Bukhari)
The void in respect of religious knowledge can be easily understood in the context of the attack that has already been launched on the scholars of Islam and on the institutions of higher Islamic learning. This attack on the scholars of Islam forms part of the over-all war on Islam and Muslims.
Narrated Ubayy ibn K’ab: I heard Allah’s Apostle (peace be upon him) say, “The Euphrates would soon uncover a mountain of gold and when the people would hear of it they would flock towards it but the people who would possess that (treasure) (would say): If we allow these persons to take out of it they would take away the whole of it.” So they would fight and ninety-nine out of one hundred would be killed. Abu Kamil in his narration said: “I and Abu Ka’b stood under the shade of the battlement of Hassan.”  (Sahih Muslim)
I believe the mountain of gold uncovered by the River Euphrates can be understood only as a symbol for oil (black gold) and that the deaths prophesied (99 out of every 100) would occur in the wars to gain control over that oil. Perhaps weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons will be used in the future.
Here now are some more randomly selected Ahadith pertaining to Signs of the Last Day: S’ad ibn Abu Waqqas narrated: Allah’s Messenger said, “The Last Hour would not come until people come forth who eat with their tongues as cows do.” Ahmad transmitted it.”
Hudhaifah narrated that the Prophet said, “The Last Hour would not come until you kill your leader, fight together with your swords, and your worst ones inherit your worldly goods.”
(Sunan Tirmidhi)
Anas ibn Malik narrated that Allah’s Messenger said, “The Last Hour would not come until time contracts, a year being like a month, a month like a week, a week like a day, a day like an hour, and an hour like the kindling of a fire.”
(Sunan Tirmidhi)
Abu Sa’id al-Khudri narrated that Allah’s Messenger said, “By Him in Whose hand is my soul, the Last Hour would not come until wild beasts speak to men, the end of a man’s whip and the thong of his sandal speak to him, and his thigh informs him what his family have done since he left them.” (This appears to anticipate the modern cellular phone.)
(Sunan Tirmidhi)
Talhah ibn Malik narrated that Allah’s Messenger said, “One of the signs of the approach of the Last Hour would be the destruction of the Arabs (i.e., war on Arabs).”
(Sunan Tirmidhi)
Abdullah ibn Hawalah al-Azdi narrated: “The Apostle of Allah sent us on foot to get spoils, but we returned without getting any. When he saw the signs of distress on our faces he stood up before us and said: O Allah, do not put them under my care, for I would be too weak to care for them; do not put them in care of themselves, for they would be incapable of that, and do not put them in the care of men, for they would choose the best things for themselves. He then placed his hand on my head and said: Ibn Hawalah, when you see the Caliphate established in the Holy Land (i.e., when an imposter Euro-Jewish State of Israel rules the world from the Holy Land) earthquakes, sorrows and serious matters would have drawn near, and on that day the Last Hour would be nearer to mankind than this hand of mine is to your head.”
(Sunan Abu Daud)
Anas ibn Malik narrated that the Prophet said: “The Last Hour would not come until people vie with one another about Masajid (i.e. contesting with each other for control over Masajid).”
(Sunan Abu Daud)

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Yahudi dan Nasrani dalam alQuran

zion menguasai dunia

Amaran dalam alQuran
Mereka sentiasa memusuhi serta berusaha menghancurkan Islam

lambang jesuit

Al-Quran yang mulia telah menceritakan tentang dua golongan (orang kafir) yang amat memusuhi umat Islam. Dua golongan itu adalah golongan Yahudi dan Nasrani. Perihal dua golongan ini telah berulang-ulang disebut sebagai peringatan penting kepada umat Islam. Akibat dari kesibukan duniawi dan juga asakan dari pengaruh barat, kita telah mengabaikan peringatan ini atau mungkin kerana kebergantungan kita kepada panduan alQuran semakin pudar malah memandang remeh terhadap firmah Allah swt.

Secara kasar kita biasanya mengetahui bahawa golongan Yahudi yang dimaksudkan dalam ayat Al-Quran itu adalah kaum Yahudi yang mendiami negara Israel di Timur Tengah, mereka bertindak zalim dan rakus merampas negara dan membunuh orang Islam Palestin. Sementara orang Nasrani pula ialah orang-orang yang beragama Kristian sekarang ini.

Mungkin kita tidak sedar sesuatu rahsia yang ingin disampaikan. Al-Quran yang mulia itu bukan sahaja telah memberikan banyak pembayang (clue) dan kiasan, malah memberikan maklumat tentang kejadian nyata. Selain berbentuk hakikat yang mempunyai maksud yang tersirat dalam ayat-ayatnya yang sesungguhnya amat menakjubkan. BENARLAH, AL-QURAN ITU ADALAH MUKJIZAT RASULULLAH S.A.W.

Dalam penyelidikan Teologi-Politik dewasa ini, Yahudi dan Nasrani adalah istilah umum dalam Al-Quran, di mana Yahudi yang dimaksudkan itu adalah
ZIONIS ANTARABANGSA. Pergerakan ini berselindung di bawah nama menuntut hak 'Tanah yang Dijanjikan'  (Promised Land), namun sebenarnya ia bertujuan untuk menghapuskan Islam dan merampas artifak-artifak (relic) penting Islam berserta tempat sucinya sekali kerana mereka percaya akan kesaktian (magic) objek-objek mistik dan bersifat kultus (contohnya Spear of Destiny, Ark of Covenant,The True Cross, Holy Grail, Hajar Aswad dll).

Satu lagi pertubuhan yang menjadi 'front' kepada Yahudi adalah satu pertubuhan yang digelar FREEMASON. Mereka terang-terang mengambil ajaran Kabbalah sebagai anutan dan tunjang pergerakannya.

Dari Freemason bercambah pula berpuluh-puluh pergerakan rahsia mereka malah tidak mustahil beratus-ratus lagi pergerakan dibelakangnya dan juga 'puppet man' yang mengawal semua pergerakan Yahudi ini. INILAH YANG INGIN DISAMPAIKAN OLEH ALQURAN.

Golongan Yahudi terbahagi kepada dua kumpulan besar. Satu adalah Yahudi Orthodoks yang kepercayaannya “menghampiri” ketulenan ajaran Nabi Musa dan Taurat dan juga golongan Yahudi yang tidak bersetuju dengan Zionis. Golongan ini dipercayai adalah golongan minoriti dan terpinggir.

Golongan yang kedua ialah Yahudi-Kabbalah yang berpegang kepada ajaran Taurat yang telah diselewengkan serta kitab Talmud iaitu kitab mistik sesat tulisan para rabbi Yahudi dan ajaran pagan. Golongan yang kedua ini telah bergabung dengan Yahudi Khazar,iaitu bangsa Khazar (berasal dari Khazaria) yang menduduki kawasan Asia Tengah yang menganut agama Yahudi dan puak Yahudi Ashkenazi. Yahudi Askanazi ini telah diketahui umum sebagai amat berbahaya dan menjadi pengikut setia Dajal Laknatullah. INILAH DIA YAHUDI YANG DIBERITAHU OLEH ALQURAN.

Golongan Nasrani juga disebut di dalam AlQuran sebagai bangsa yang seiring dengan kejahatan Yahudi. Biasanya ia disebut secara serentak (Yahudi dan Nasara). Kaum Nasrani yang dimaksudkan itu adalah

Kumpulan ini memegang posisi penting dalam dunia Kristian khasnya aliran Khatolik. Vatikan sebagaimana yang diketahui adalah pusat pemerintahan Paus,iaitu ketua umum Gereja Roman Khatolik. Pejabatnya adalah St. Peter Basillica, bekas kuil pagan zaman Rom yang telah diubahsuai.Sebab itu di dalamnya penuh dengan berhala-berhala Rom.

Emperor Constatine masih sayangkan dewa-dewi Romnya walaupun telah dibaptiskan. Ajaran Nabi Isa yang dibawakan oleh golongan Nasrani terawal (diterajui hawariyin) telah bercampur-aduk dengan doktrin pagan sesuai dengan selera Constatine.

Kristian takut terhadap kezaliman Emperor Rom yang diketahui umum mempunyai sejarah panjang menyeksa dan membunuh orang-orang Kristian awal. Ditambah pula dengan penyelewengan demi penyelewengan yang dilakukan oleh pendeta-pendeta Kristian sendiri yang mengubah Injil sesuka hati. Contoh yang paling popular adalah 'kerja-kerja' yang dilakukan oleh Paulus (Surat-surat Paul). Paul ini adalah seorang Yahudi yang pada masa awalnya suka menyiksa dan membunuh orang orang Kristian.

St Paul
Sejurus selepas pemergian Jesus (as), seorang lelaki berbangsa Yahudi bernama Saul, seorang yg anti kepada ajaran Jesus telah berusaha utk memesongkan ajaran Jesus (as). Dengan membunuh berpuluh-puluh orang penganut ajaran Jesus (as), dia berharap ajaran tersebut akan menjadi semakin lemah lantaran kurang sambutan yg diterima oleh masyarakat. Namun yg berlaku adalah sebaliknya. Ajaran Jesus (as) yg disebarkan oleh pengikut2 beliau yg dipimpin oleh St. James “The Righteous” itu semakin hari semakin berkembang.
Melihatkan keadaan itu, Saul menjadi seperti berputus asa, namun niatnya utk menyelewengkan ajaran Jesus (as) yg dibawa oleh pengikut2 setia beliau masih lagi terbuku di hati. Mungkin apa yg timbul di fikiran Saul ketika itu adalah dgn menghancurkan ajaran Jesus (as) dari dalam, seperti kata-kata, “If you can’t beat them, then join them! And beat them from inside.” Saul kemudiannya berjumpa dgn pengikut2 Jesus (as) tersebut utk bertaubat atas kesalahan yg telah dilakukannya terhadap mereka sebelum ini dan dia diberikan nama Paul.
Sejurus selepas bertaubat, Paul mendakwa telah menerima ‘petunjuk’ secara langsung daripada Jesus (as). Salah seorang daripada 12 pengikut Jesus (as), Barnabas mula mempercayai Paul dan memberinya perlindungan. Melalui Barnabas, Paul diterima oleh semua pengikut2 Jesus (as) yg lain. Sepanjang menyebarkan ajaran Jesus (as), Barnabas banyak mengembara bersama Paul sehinggakan reputasi Paul yg terkenal sbg pembunuh penganut Jesus (as) sebelum ini bertukar kpd imej seorang penganut Jesus (as) yg setia.

Jadi benarlah bayangan AlQuran yang mengatakan orang-orang Nasrani adalah kaum yang sesat. Dalam Kristian juga wujud sistem dualisme; Pope dan Black Pope, Christ dan Antichrist, Madonna dan Black Madonna.

Kristian juga terpecah-pecah kepada pelbagai aliran seperti Protestant, Quaker, Evangelist, Adventist, Mormon dan bermacam lagi. Di dalam sistem kependetaan Kristian pula berpecah lagi kepada pelbagai aliran pendeta seperti Benedictine, Fransiscan dan Dominican. Di antara aliran-aliran kepaderian itu terdapat satu aliran yang agresif dan yang paling terahsia serta licik iaitu aliran Society of Jesus atau dikenali sebagai Jesuit.


Jesuit inilah yang membayangi
Vatikan terhadap semua kerja-kerja kotor mereka. Jesuit terdiri daripada golongan Christian Zionist,iaitu orang Kristian yang mengambil sebahagian ajaran Kabbalah dan mistik sesat bercampur kepercayaan pagan tertentu (yang paling popular adalah dewa-dewi Sumeria dan Babilon Kuno), juga termasuk Yunani dan Rom) sebagai panduan hidup mereka. Mereka mengamalkan sihir dan percaya kepada pelbagai mitos dan dongeng mengenai asal-usul kejadian makhluk dan kehidupan Iblis.

Jesuit adalah satu daripada cabang organisasi Dajal Laknatullah, bertujuan untuk mengekalkan hala tuju Vatikan sebagai kakitangannya, matlamat utama ialah supaya golongan Kristian terus leka dengan ajaran Kristian yang telah dicampur adukkan dengan ajaran pagan dan mistik sesat. Dajal Laknatullah bimbang jika kaum Kristian sedar dan kembali kepada ajaran asal Nabi Isa as dan kitab Injil.
zionis antarabangsa

Dajal Laknatullah
mengawal kedua-dua elemen ini dengan rapi iaitu Yahudi dan Nasrani (Illuminati adalah contoh yang popular) tetapi muslihat Dajal terlalu licik; mungkin banyak lagi 'hidden organization' yang lain. Namun dua kumpulan ini iaitu Yahudi dan Nasrani adalah bidak catur utama dalam pergerakan fitnahnya.

Kedua-duanya saling mempengaruhi antara satu sama lain dan pada masa berlainan jika difikirkan sesuai, keduanya akan dilaga-lagakan untuk kepentingan Dajal dan kuncu-kuncunya. Walaupun mengorbankan para pengikut-pengikut mereka sendiri yang dungu dan menjadi 'patsies' kepada perancangan Dajal (rujuk WWI & WW2 dan 911).



Dajal Laknatullah sememangnya telah lama menyimpan hasrat untuk menjadi 'dewaraja' yang mutlak di muka bumi ini.Tambahan pula setelah diampo bodek dan digalakkan oleh Iblis selaku 'Ayah' dan mentornya.

Ini adalah KATAKUNCI kepada Dua Rahsia Sulit Terbesar. JANGAN PANDANG REMEH KEPADANYA.

“Mereka ingin  supaya kamu menjadi kafir sebagaimana mereka telah menjadi kafir, lalu kamu menjadi sama (dengan mereka). (An-Nisa’: 89).

“Orang-orang Yahudi dan Nasrani tidak akan senang kepada kamu hingga kamu mengikuti agama mereka. Katakanlah: "Sesungguhnya petunjuk Allah itulah petunjuk (yang benar)". Dan sesungguhnya jika kamu mengikuti kemauan mereka setelah pengetahuan datang kepadamu, maka Allah tidak lagi menjadi pelindung dan penolong bagimu.” (Al-Baqarah: 120).

Malangnya, umat Islam masih makin terleka dan alpa terhadap peringatan ini malah memilih untuk mengambil cara hidup berpandukan Pemodenan Barat. Lebih menyedihkan ada diantaranya menjadi murtad sama ada secara sedar atau tidak. Mereka kagum terhadap kemajuan dan kehebatan negara barat yang berjalan di bawah bayangan fitnah. Malu jika tidak bergaya seperti orang barat.

Halatuju kehidupan sebahagian besar kaum Muslimin telah berubah dari iman dan taqwa kepada harta dan kemewahan. Jika diperhatikan sebahagian besar cara hidup kaum Muslimin waktu ini telah pun melanggar perintah Allah tersebut dan akhirnya Allah tidak lagi membantu dan menjadi pelindung. Doa mereka tidak dimakbulkan. Akhirnya semakin hanyut dibawa arus kebaratan.

Tamaddun moden yang mereka bina dan tawarkan kepada penduduk dunia hari ini disertakan sekali dengan pengaruh kebendaan bawaan mereka. Jika kita lalai, maka jadilah kita sebahagian dari mereka. Itu pesanan dari Allah swt dalam alQuran.

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The Dumb Blonde dalam penjara syaitan - mainan Dajjal

Bumb Blond  dalam Amarican Dream

Bangsa Amerika pula adalah haiwan ternakan paling jinak milik kaum penyembah syaitan. Mereka sangat berguna. Mereka adalah senang di'mindcontrol', rupa paras yang menarik dan boleh diharap. Kenapa saya katakan 'haiwan ternakan'. Kerana bila-bila masa sahaja mereka akan disembelih mengikut kehendak perancangan Illuminati penyembah Iblis seperti yang terjadi di dalam peristiwa 911.

Nyawa rakyat Yahudi lebih berharga dari nyawa rakyat Amerika yang menangis teresak-esak melambai-lambaikan tangan meminta pertolongan dari orang ramai yang hanya mampu memerhatikan mereka tertanam hidup-hidup selepas sisa bangunan WTC runtuh buat kali terakhir. Rakyat Yahudi? Mereka awal-awal lagi meninggalkan bangunan WTC selepas diberitahu ketika 'The Dumb Blonde' masih leka mengira keuntungan perniagaan dan saham dalam bangunan WTC. Sebab itu bangsa Amerika yang malang ini perlu diberitahu masalah SEBENAR mereka.Amat bertuahlah orang Amerika yang menemui cahaya Islam dan keluar dari bencana yang dasyat ini.

Penjara Besar 'Syaitan' yang mengurung mereka selama ini amat dasyat dan kejam. Askar Amerika adalah kambing-kambing paling malang di antara mereka, dipergunakan dengan kejam tanpa disedari mereka dan mati dengan sia-sia sahaja dalam peperangan yang mereka sendiri pun tidak faham. Bak kata Henry Kissinger "Military men are just DUMB STUPID ANIMALS to be used as pawns in foreign policy."

Bukan saya hendak mengatakan mereka adalah 'innocent' (tidak bersalah) dalam konflik dengan umat Islam, tetapi mereka sendiri adalah terlampau hina dan diperbodohkan hidup-hidup oleh 'The Hidden Hand'. Sebab itu dalam hadis akhir zaman ada menyebutkan pada akhir zaman nanti umat Islam akan bergabung dengan BANGSA ROM, dalam siri peperangan mereka.

Siapakah bangsa Rom pada hari ini? Tidak lain adalah bangsa Amerika-Eropah yang ketika itu mungkin sudah pulih dari 'Demam Besar' mereka. Namun yang salah tetap salah. Tuhan akan mengadili siapa yang benci akan agamanya di muka bumi ini. Di akhirat tiada alasan "aku diperbodohkan oleh Dajal" atau "aku pun tak tahu, aku kena mindcontrol". Dalam dunia yang penuh muslihat ini GUNAKAN OTAK ANDA. Maklumat semakin mudah didapati dan DI HUJUNG JARI ANDA. Anda bukan hidup di zaman Paleolitik. Fikir...fikir... Inilah KUNCINYA.

Jadi apakah penyelesaiannya dan apakah tindakan kita terhadap keganasan Israel ini?

Kita mungkin beralasan bahawa kita tidak mungkin berperang jihad dengan Israel.Pelikkan? Saudara kita dibunuh tetapi kita masih mencari-cari alasan dan sebab mengapa kita tidak dapat membantu mereka. Jika kita di zaman Khalifah Islam, kita mungkin akan segera menghantar tentera Islam menyerang Yahudi Israel itu serta-merta. SEBAB KITA HIDUP SECARA TERPECAH-BELAH BERDASARKAN GEOGRAFI DAN NEGARA.

Cara hidup sekular juga melemahkan lagi pemikiran dan semangat kita. Hasilnya kita duduk berdiam diri atau paling hebat menjerit mengepalkan tangan berdemonstrasi. Ada yang memboikot barangan Yahudi-Amerika. Ini cara yang mungkin sedikit sebanyak berhasil dan saya setuju dengannya. INGAT!DI AKHIRAT NANTI, SEMUA UMAT ISLAM AKAN DIPERTANGUNGJAWABKAN ATAS PENDERITAAN PALESTIN DAN TEMPAT SUCI KETIGA ISLAM.

Jika anda tidak dapat berjihad, buatlah sesuatu seperti menderma atau memboikot barangan Yahudi-Amerika. Ataupun panjatkanlah doa kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Belas Kasihan. Sebutlah nama-NYa yang Maha Agung dan katakan "Ya Tuhan Yang Maha Penyayang,Kasihanilah Mereka... Kasihanilah Mereka..." sekurang-kurangnya,ya... sekurang-kurangnya.Seperti kisah burung yang membawa titisan air untuk dijatuhkan ke dalam api besar yang marak membakar Nabi Ibrahim. Apabila burung itu ditanya berbaloikah usahanya itu, dia menjawab,

"Setidak-tidaknya, di akhirat kelak aku dapat berhujah di hadapan Allah bahawa aku turut membantu semampuku memadamkan api yang membakar Nabi-Nya"

Jadi bantulah semampu anda ,JANGAN BERPELUK TUBUH DENGAN SANTAI MENONTON TV DAN MEMBACA AKHBAR berisi kisah-kisah penderitaan Gaza tanpa sedikit simpati pun.Setelah membaca berita tentang kekejaman Israel, boleh pula membeli rokok Dunhill cap Israel buat menghantar wang membeli peluru untuk membunuh seorang kanak-kanak Islam Gaza.Ataupun berkepit-kepit dengan bukan mahram berjoget berdansa di disko-disko atau konsert.

Tunggulah jika Israel menghantar peluru berpandunya ke sini maka barulah sibuk hendak sembahyang dan terketar-ketar memegang AlQuran. Peluru Israel tidak mengenal sama ada anda Melayu Pas, Melayu Umno, Melayu Liberal, Melayu Sekular, Melayu Indon, Melayu Malaysia, Melayu Jawa, Melayu Kedah, Melayu Kaki Masjid/Surau tidak... tidak sama sekali.

Tepat perhitungan, tepat kiraan astrologi mereka, maka peperangan akan dilancarkan tanpa kompromi. Kita berada di akhir zaman.Sampai masa segala harta, kereta, rumah dan perempuan tidak berguna. Masing-masing akan menyelamatkan diri masing-masing. JIKA ANDA TIDAK DAPAT MEMBANTU MEREKA, MAKA BANTULAH DIRI SENDIRI sebelum bala Allah tiba ke atas anda. Dirikan solat lima waktu, bacalah AlQuran dan ingatlah Allah sentiasa. Itulah cara kita berjihad menyelamatkan diri kita. JIKA ALLAH MAHU, PADA SAAT INI SUDAH HANCUR ISRAEL ZIONIS LAKNAT ITU tetapi adakah kita tahan diuji? Tanya diri sendiri mengapa ini terjadi. Setiap seorang tidak akan terlepas. Allah Maha Bijaksana adalah amat rapi perhitungannya.

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Isnin, 18 April 2011

BEWARE - OWG/NWO .... one religion

Parliament of World’s religions summit in 2014.

Themes for the summit of Religions in 2014

The theme that might capture our imagination and encapsulate our issues in 2014 would be, “A legacy for the next generation” or “A legacy for seven generations.” It is not a new idea; it is a tradition of the native peoples of America.

The issues that affect our lives in the coming decade will continue to be environment, water, hunger, religious and ethnic intolerance. If we shy away from consciously shaping our future, we may drift into the abyss of incoherence. We may be fighting against deeply entrenched positions rather than finding solutions to the common issues.

Although the environmental future looks gloomy, the world is a better place today because of a good legacy bequeathed to humanity by people of all faiths that came before us. We owe it to the coming generations to leave the world a little better than we found it, to usher an era of justice and peace. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) described a good deed as an act which benefits others, such as planting a tree that serves generations of wayfarers with fruit and the shade with a clear realization that we may not be the beneficiary.

A theme like, “A legacy for next generation” can also address the issues we consistently face. The social cohesion in particular and religious integrity in general continues to be challenged. The anti-Jewish, Gay/Lesbian, Catholic and Immigrant protest by Fred Phelps last week; the courts ordering to tear down the Sikh Gurudwara in Austin; the challenges against the planned Muslim center near ground Zero; the shootings at the Holocaust Museum in DC; the Arizona anti-immigrant laws; the rights of a woman to be a preacher and the resistance she faces to be the president and a host of other trends may scar the social fabric of our nation in the coming years. God has his own ways of repairing the world and the Parliament of Worlds Religions in 2014 may serve as a catalyst to a positive future.

“Sharing the planet together” is another viable theme. A dash of unselfishness is a necessity for all of us to feel safe and secure, it sails an individual or a nation through the good and bad seas fairly smoothly; indeed it is an insurance policy against the vulnerable moments of life.

God’s creation is intentionally diverse and each one of the seven billion of us has his own unique thumb print, DNA and a mind, and it is time we respect the diversity of thought and worship as well.

The pastors, pundits, imams, rabbis, shamans and other religious and spiritual leaders have a responsibility to bring about a new paradigm in our thinking; consciously creating “a legacy of pluralism” for the next generation.

The Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions was created to “cultivate harmony among the world's religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.”

A coalition of diverse community organizations is developing in the DFW Metroplex and is humbly seeking to be represented by every religious, social, ethnic, cultural and diverse landscape of our region.

The greater Dallas/Fort worth is blessed to be one of the three cities bidding to host the Parliament of World’s religions in 2014, the others being Guadalajara, Mexico, and Brussels, Belgium. The horizons of the religious landscape is opening up from constriction to inclusion.

The parliament had a specific theme in each one of its previous three events. “Hearing Each Other, Healing the Earth” was the theme in Melbourne in December, 2009, with a focus on inclusion of the Native traditions. Nearly 6,500 people representing 220 traditions attended some 600 programs in six days. Barcelona, Spain, took on “Pathways to Peace” in 2004 to understand the integration issues with the influx of immigrants from North Africa, about 9,000 people from 75 countries participated in the event. After the successful defeat of Apartheid by the catalytic inter-religious movement, a new energy was need to lunge forward and they chose the theme of “A New day Dawning” in Cape Town, South Africa. In 1993 the Volunteers at the Parliament of the World’s religions made a commitment to hold the event every five years.


Mike Ghouse is a speaker on Pluralism and Islam and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day; a frequent guest on the media. His work can be found in three websites and 22 blogs listed at http://www.mikeghouse.net/

Dallas Morning News : http://religionblog.dallasnews.com/archives/2010/07/texas-faith-dallas-and-the-201.html

My response to a comment at the Dallas Morning News:
# # #

It is always good to hear a different point of view, since I was a witness to the 2009 Parliament event in Melbourne, Australia. I have an enriching experience to share.

One of the problems was that they packed 600 programs, and in my interviews with people on the street and inside the hall was that they wished they had attended all. I attended every program between 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM that I could possibly attend, including the plenary sessions. Indeed, that was a good problem to have. There were so many volunteers that you could not be lost any where in the convention center. Bringing over 220 religious traditions together under one roof was not easy, but they handled it very well including the last minute changes.

For those of us who desire to witness as many religious traditions as they want, the parliament event is the one to go to. You get to listen to the most revered scholars on the earth.

Like any family, personal or business budget, the Parliament has a budget to do the right thing and it is a challenge to the people of North Texas, rather Americans to see that they raise the money. $8 Million Dollars is a paltry sum if we evaluate the conferences that take place in North Texas. If all the Citizens of Metroplex pay $4/each by foregoing a coffee and a soda for one year, the money is there. We are the BIG D and we can do bigger things than that.

Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex has more than 150,000 Hotel rooms and at least three large convention Centers. We have handled conventions of more than 20,000 people at a time. We are a great city and we can host any event any time of the year. The National Builders, Lenders, Realtors, software conventions have carried over 15,000 people in each one of their events. I am sure about 4% of the people were dissatisfied in all those events, Parliament event is no exception. Even our own guests at our parties have that ratio.

There was a lot of interaction; interfaith as well as intra-faith, obviously nothing will be satisfactory to every one who attends the event, but an overwhelming majority was indeed satisfied. Virtually every room was packed with people, the topics were fascinating and the interactions were incredible.

On the last day of the event, there was flag ceremony; being a pluralist I jumped in and became a facilitator to what happened there; I asked each one of the persons to pick a flag of the nation that is not theirs, it helps to step into others shoes and feel it. I asked the Rabbi from Israel to pick up the Palestinian Flag and vice versa with the Imam from Palestine, I asked an Indian Swami to grab the Pakistani Flag and an American to grab the Cuban flag… I went around and around advocating picking flags of others. The exhilarating feeling of being the other was incredible. People rejoiced that to the hilt. It was an enriching experience. The picture are all there at www.Parliamentofreligions.org and http://www.peacenext.org/

We are one of the most diverse Cities in the United States and a convention like that will become a catalyst for the much needed social cohesion.

Last week, as a Muslim I stood up and joined in with the Jews, GLBT, Catholics, Immigrants and others and offered prayers of Good will outside and inside of the Holocaust Museum and other places. Indeed, the Holocaust Survivors including Max Goldblatt and one of the founders of the Holocaust Museum, Mike Jacobs and other members joined in with me for the goodwill prayers. This is the kind of Dallas I envision, standing for each other and being there for each other and we hope that the Parliament will become a catalyst in helping us all look to each other as Americans and nothing but Americans, meanwhile we need to continue with our individual and group efforts.

Mike Ghouse

I am glad you made the comment, indeed, the Parliament is not about one world church; here are the founding principle which they adhere to:THE PRINCIPLES1. Promotes interreligious harmony, rather than unity2. Based on convergence of purpose, rather than consensus of belief and practice3. Operates through facilitation, rather than formal structure4. Seeks to build trust as much as agreement